Trumpers organized a Fox News protest. Eight people came. One was a child.

Donald Trump supporters have been furious with Fox News since election night, when the network was the first to call out the state of Arizona for Joe Biden. But when MAGA’s hardcore gathered outside Fox’s Washington, DC office on Wednesday, they were only able to attract eight people, including a child.

The event has officially been dubbed a “Stop the Steal” rally. But one could be excused if they barely noticed him among the other rain-drenched people passing a few blocks from the Capitol. There was, in layman’s terms, a dramatic imbalance between the seriousness of the protest’s stated purpose (literally, to reverse the results of a presidential election) and the human beings who fought for it.

When asked why the protest against Fox’s perceived anti-Trump prejudice drew so few people – even after claiming that “hundreds of thousands” were behind their efforts – organizer Ed Martin dismissed the idea that crowd size mattered.

“What matters to us is measuring the votes, not measuring what you tell me is important,” said Martin, flanked by a masked protester in a pro-Trump shirt who promised to “make people cry. Liberals again ”.

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