Trump’s election challenges blocked by helpless witnesses

Donald Trump’s last-minute campaign legal efforts have focused on witnesses who allege they have witnessed election fraud and other suspicious activity in battlefield states across the country. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany held up stacks of papers detailing what she said were hundreds of affidavits from allegedly aggrieved voters or tellers in television appearances, and the MAGA worshipers have taken these allegations as proof that Trump secretly won the election.

But when those claims actually reach a judge, the allegations often fall dramatically – putting yet another roadblock in Trump’s attempts to push the election away from President-elect Joe Biden.

The latest deadly response to Trump’s election witnesses came on Friday in an order from a Michigan state court. The Trump campaign had asked Chief Justice Timothy M. Kenny to block Michigan’s certification of votes, citing a number of witnesses who claimed to have seen suspicious things happen with the vote count, primarily at the TCF Center in Detroit.

But when Kenny saw the witness’s claims, he was not impressed. In his opinion on Friday, Kenny rejected the Trump campaign’s request, describing a witness’s affidavit as “full of speculation and assumption on sinister grounds.”

Instead of alleging voter fraud, Kenny said, many of the accusations made by witnesses actually described routine counting procedures. If the Republican challengers had attended only optional training at the site, according to Kenny, they wouldn’t have been so alarmed.

“There is no evidence to attribute evil activity by virtue of the city using a rental truck with out-of-state license plates,” Kenny wrote in response to a complaint.

Kenny also dismissed allegations of voting irregularities made by Melissa Carone, an IT contractor for Dominion Voting Systems, whose voting machines were in the election vote theft conspiracy theories that were spurred on. by Trump. Carone has made appearances in right-wing media as some sort of star witness in the Trump campaign supporting the “rigged” election narrative, but Kenny decided his claims did not match any other witness statements.

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