Trump’s election fraud allegations go viral on social media despite restrictions

False or misleading allegations of electoral fraud are going viral on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, even as platforms continue to implement special measures to reduce the spread of disinformation around the US presidential election. Major social media platforms nominally crack down on disinformation, prominently displaying election results or affixing warning labels to Donald Trump’s posts that seek to undermine the validity of the vote. However, according to social analytics platforms such as NewsWhip and CrowdTangle, allegations of voting irregularities have become some of the most shared content on Facebook. The first three messages are all from Donald Trump, according to CrowdTangle: there are allegations of “false votes” in Nevada, where Trump drags Joe Biden by 36,000 votes; another asserts that Georgia, where Trump trails by 13,000 votes while awaiting a recount, will be a “great presidential victory”; and a third says that “a very large number of ballots” will be affected by “identification of thresholds”, the meaning of which is unclear. Mainstream news on Facebook is also dominated by right-wing allegations of “irregularities” and “fraud,” according to data from CrowdTangle. Three of the top 10 articles are links from Trump to the far-right Breitbart news site, covering Attorney General Bill Barr’s investigation into “voting irregularities” and the Michigan and Georgia investigations; a fourth is at the right-wing Newsmax, calling the Pennsylvania situation a “constitutional parody.” Two articles by Republican media personality Dan Bongino join Trump in the top 10, supporting the idea that voter fraud is to blame for Trump’s loss, and a Fox News report citing Trump’s campaign team as saying that ‘they do not’ back down ‘. Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security adviser to the Obama White House, has attacked Facebook directly for its failures. “Right now, Facebook is spreading disinformation that destroys confidence in American democracy so that its multi-billionaire CEO can make more money from clicks and ads,” he wrote on Twitter. “It is increasingly difficult to understand how people of good conscience work there.” Right-wing dominance on the Facebook platform is nothing new, but suggests that the company’s efforts to curb post-election disinformation are starting to falter. Once the election was called for Biden, the top-performing positions briefly changed: While Bongino, for example, was in the top 10 for the past 37 days, the top-performing positions on November 7 were led by the New York Times, CNN and NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO; the next day, CNN and NPR together occupied seven of the top ten places. The marked change has made some, like Mother Jones editor-in-chief Clara Jeffery, question whether Facebook has deliberately changed its algorithm to curry favor with the Biden administration. Others argued that it was more likely a rare explosion of activity from happy left-wing users on the site. Ryan Broderick, author of Internet culture newsletter Garbage Day, said all data is from Source: Article link: #trump #dailynationkenya #trinidadnewsday #news #nytimes #cnn #newsnow.

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