Trump’s electoral ‘coup’ looks more like a fake orgasm

Does Donald Trump even know what a coup d’etat is? Doubtful, which is one of the reasons, in this episode of The new abnormal, who co-hosts Rick Wilson and Molly Jong-Fast don’t believe the nonsense the President shoots counts as one.

That, and the fact that the military has to support said coup and they won’t.

“Maybe they tell him that [they are], but this is the fake orgasm of coups. They make noises that seem real, but aren’t real, ”says Rick.

Yet the chief con man and his GOP minions are persistent and asking for money to help fund these lawsuits.

“If you were to write this in a Hollywood script about a family of presidential scammers, that would be too much on the nose,” adds Rick.

Beast national security reporter Spencer Ackerman makes his TNA debut to explain Mark Esper’s departure and how the Pentagon is fundamentally considering fucking Joe Biden.

“I’m not the one who tells heartwarming stories,” he laughs.

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