Trump’s final campaign aims to kill his own supporters

Donald Trump doesn’t care who gets sick or dies from COVID-19 – even if they are his own supporters. This is the stark reality of the situation we find ourselves in as a nation as Trump stages mass-market campaign rallies and continues to intentionally – and I believe criminally – mislead – Americans about this deadly virus because ‘he thinks it helps him politically.

When Trump resumed his election rallies on September 8 – after a summer hiatus due to the July COVID spike – our country was averaging about 36,000 new COVID cases per day. Over the past week, we have recorded an average of 69,814 new cases per day. There is a straight line between Trump’s rallies and this peak, with studies showing increases in areas where he has held rallies and as he has signaled to his supporters that wearing masks and social distancing are signs of weakness.

Now Trump has hit a new low with his desperate closing argument that COVID is not so much a health risk, but an overrated media story. This, despite the United States setting a new record for most confirmed COVID cases with 83,700 new cases in a single day and five staff members of Vice President (and head of the virus task force) Mike Pence , including his body man, tested positive for the virus. But here’s Trump at the rally after the rally accusing the media of sensationalizing the virus to hurt him politically: “Turn on the TV, right. COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID, COVID.” He added, to cheers from supporters, “By the way, on November 4th, you won’t hear from it again.”

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