Trump’s fraud hotline inundated with prank calls

Everyone laughs at Trump’s “fraud hotline”. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss the Young Turks. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive: Read more HERE: “A hotline set up by the Trump campaign to gather information about suspected elections or election fraud was reportedly inundated with prank calls from supporters of President-elect Joe Biden, according to ABC News. ABC News reported that the hotline, which directs callers to voicemail, was inundated with messages mocking the campaign for Biden’s presidential victory. The Associated Press and the Broadcast networks announced Saturday that Biden had won the race. Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons, responded to calls on Twitter, accusing the Democratic National Committee (DNC) of pranksters. “* Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur Cast: Ana Kasparian, Cenk Uygur *** The biggest progressive news program in the world. Hosted by Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian. LIVE weekdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. ET. Help support our mission and get benefits. Membership protects TYT’s independence from corporate ownership and enables us to provide free live broadcasts that tell the truth in power to people around the world. See Benefits: ▶ SUBSCRIBE to YOUTUBE: ☞ FACEBOOK: ☞ TWITTER: ☞ INSTAGRAM: ☞ TWITCH: ☞ 👕 Merch: ❤ Donate: 🔗 Website: 📱App: 📬 Newsletters: If you want to watch more videos from TYT, consider subscribing to other channels in our network: The Damage Report ▶ TYT Sports ▶ The Conversation ▶ Rebel HQ ▶ TYT Survey ▶ #TYT #TheYoungTurks # Election2020.

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