Trump’s motorcade runs through March for Trump rally in DC

WATCH: President Trump’s motorcade passes by the #MarchForTrump rally in DC as supporters chant “USA” and “4 years older” en route to his golf course in Virginia. President Donald Trump has said he could stop at a rally in Washington, DC planned by his supporters on Saturday as he continues to refuse to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden. “Heartwarming to see all the terrific support out there, especially the organic rallies popping up across the country including a big Saturday in DC, I can even try to stop and say hello,” Trump tweeted on Friday. . The President added that the election “was rigged, Dominion from top to bottom!” – a reference to unsubstantiated claims that a computer glitch led to thousands of votes cast in error for Biden. The rally, dubbed the “Million MAGA March,” comes a week after news agencies cast Biden as the winner of the 2020 election. Trump’s refusal to admit he lost comes as he and his allies have argues that the contest was tainted with widespread electoral fraud. There is no evidence that the fraud affected the results, and US officials on Thursday called the election “the safest in American history.” Nonetheless, groups of Trump supporters are expected to travel to Washington on Saturday for a protest march from a park near the White House to the Supreme Court. Several pro-Trump groups posted information about the event online and far-right figures, such as Alex Jones of Infowars, also encouraged their supporters to attend. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany told Fox News on Thursday that the march would be “quite large,” but declined to estimate how many people are planning to attend. Trump has been largely out of public sight since election night. He plans to make his first public remarks in more than a week on Friday during an appearance at the Rose Garden focusing on vaccine development. He last spoke on November 5, when he insisted he “would win easily” if “you counted all the legal votes.” Trump attended a Veterans Day ceremony at the Arlington National Ceremony on Wednesday, but did not speak.

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