Trump’s New Favorite New York Post Columnist Miranda Devine Blames ‘Selfish’ Seniors for COVID

New York Post Columnist Miranda Devine claimed on Tuesday afternoon that it was “incredibly selfish of the elderly” to be “shy and scared” by the novel coronavirus which has killed more than 210,000 Americans, adding that it was making “the young were missing most of their lives.

A day after the bizarre president included his email address in a tweet citing his latest pro-Trump column celebrating the “bravery” of his battle with COVID-19, Devine appeared on Fox News to applaud his attempt to stand up. present as a hero to survive the infection.

After showing part of the president’s campaign video in which a hoarse Trump – fresh out of Walter Reed Medical Center – downplayed the virus and suggested he was “maybe immune,” the Fox News host, Dana Perino claimed that Trump was “sending a message” to Americans Say “People want to go back to work and want their kids to go back to school.”

Devine agreed before noting that the “three most powerful words” Trump said about COVID-19 in the midst of this crisis were, “Don’t be afraid. After reiterating the president’s call for Americans not to allow the virus to “dominate” you, the conservative writer went on to blame the country’s most vulnerable people for the sustained pandemic.

“He delivered a message of hope through the experience,” she said. “He sent the message that we can get back to work. This is what everyone wants.

Devine added, “I think it’s unbelievably selfish of old people or neurotic people who are shy and scared and won’t come out of their basement to confine children and young people to missing the most important parts. most important of their lives in school and in their prime.

Clearly taken aback, Perino asked Devine to clarify his comments, wondering aloud if the columnist who was boosting Trump really meant that the elderly and immunosuppressed were just selfish and scared.

“Yes, I do,” Devine asserted before specifically pointing to Democrats and presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“I think the people in power who insist on keeping the economy closed,” she said. “Insist on keeping Americans as scared as they were six months ago of the coronavirus which has become a threat. I think they are selfish. And I’m specifically pointing the finger, if you want to know, at the Democrats and Joe Biden.

“It’s an interesting point of view,” reacted Perino before ending the brief interview during the key hours of “news” of the network.

Recent polls, meanwhile, show senior voters shun Trump, in large part because of his handling of the coronavirus crisis. According to a recent NBC poll, Biden now leads 27 points among voters 65 and over, a demographic Trump gained by eight points in 2016.

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