Trump’s once-verbal assaults on journalists have become potentially deadly

JJournalists working in the United States, the nominal stronghold of the First Amendment, are now “soft targets” for violent crowds – thanks, it seems, to President Donald Trump.

“Remember that ALL JOURNALISTS are easy targets, and fair in the coming revolution!” a Trump loyalist posted last weekend on the suspended social media platform Parler. “Don’t be afraid to bring down journalists by any means necessary!” (Congressional Politico correspondent Olivia Beavers, who tweeted a screenshot of the alarming post, redacted the identity of the Talking user “bc I don’t want people to rally behind this idea so that I can easily get together / regroup, ”she explained.)

Before @ realDonaldTrump’s Twitter account was permanently banned on January 8 – a belated corporate response to its barrage of toxic lies, slander and conspiracy theories that culminated in last Wednesday’s deadly chaos on Capitol Hill – the 45th President had published at least 2,520 tweets defaming members of the press and the media at large as “fake news” and “the enemy of the people” among other epithets, according to US Press Freedom Tracker, which lists threats and attacks against the fourth power.

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