Trump’s proposed changes to government accountability rocked the swamp – Dateway

Critics of the president are once again crumbling over the decisions of the administration in what they firmly believe are the final days of the head of state’s controversial tenure.

According to emails obtained by The hill, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) of administration is considering changing the current budget process whereby agencies must state their policy objectives and show progress in achieving them.

The OMB plans to draft a memo in the coming weeks to review how the agencies handle strategic planning and progress towards their goals in order to qualify for Congress .

One source was puzzled by what she saw as an unorthodox step, arguing that existing mechanisms “are in place to really make government, ideally, more efficient.”

“It’s co-opting the prerogative of the Biden administration to shape its own budget process,” complained Shea, associate director of OMB under the George W. Bush administration who is now director of the Grant consulting firm. Thornton LLP.

“It’s a weird time to do it,” he added.

Shea was talking about the OMB’s decision to revise Circular A-11, a thousand-page document that federal agencies should use when compiling their annual budget requests. The key provision targeted by the administration requires agencies to justify their requests by showing that they are progressing towards their goals.

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