Trump’s re-election makes me ‘physically sick’ – Dateway

The idea of ​​Donald Trump winning a second term is nauseating, says Hillary Clinton, a two-time presidential loser.

In a recent New York Times podcast, the failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate admitted that considering a Trump 2020 victory is turning her stomach.

“It literally hurts my stomach to think that we would have another four years of this abuse and the destruction of our institutions,” Clinton told the NYT Sway podcast, on a show set to premiere Monday. “And harmful to our standards and values. And the decrease in our leadership. And the list continues.”

Bitter Clinton preceded her remarks by saying that she “cannot accept the idea of [Trump] winner.”

“It would cause cognitive dissonance of a serious degree,” Clinton told the podcast, saying many Republicans feel the same way.

“Most Republicans will want to close the page. They were cowards, thornless facilitators of him. They want to see him go as much as we do, but they cannot say it publicly, ”said the former secretary of state.

When asked if she would support the phrase ‘lock him up’ in reference to Trump, as it is commonly chanted at her rallies in reference to Clinton, Biden and other Democratic swamp creatures, she replied: “No”.

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“No, I would never say that,” Clinton said, adding, “I believe in the rule of law, unlike some of these people.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Clinton claimed she took up space in Trump’s head – not the other way around.

Well I think I live rent free in his head. He doesn’t live without rent in my head, because I don’t respect him very much. And I believe he was a disastrous president and caused great harm to what is close to my heart in our country and in the world. So I don’t really think about him, other than doing what I can to defeat him, because it’s, I think, an existential crisis that we’re facing. He’s a very hollow man. He interests me very little. So I don’t think about it except to try to remove it as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, Trump only mentions Hillary as an afterthought on the campaign trail, most recently discussing her in front of a crowd in Londonderry, New Hampshire, where she credited her with more energy and intelligence than “Sleepy” Joe Biden.

“He will go back to bed. Hillary also spent a lot of time in bed. But she had more energy than he. She did, ”the president told a packed rallying crowd.

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