Trump’s stupid simulated vaccine summit was a sick last breath

Like a wedding without a bride or groom, Donald Trump hosted a vaccine summit on Tuesday in the absence of any representatives from the two companies producing vaccines on the brink of FDA approval with astonishing efficacy rates of over 90%.

The president took advantage of the summit, to which he did not invite vaccine manufacturers before announcing it, to to boast on the number of Americans infected: “I hear we’re close to 15%. I hear that, and it’s great.

It’s infected, not recovered. No wonder the CEOs of Pfizer and Moderna refused to participate, without even giving an excuse. Maybe they had to wash their hair. But Trump didn’t use their regrets to undo it all, but instead called attention to a blunder that would haunt the country. When Trump had the chance to purchase Pfizer’s vaccine supply, as we learned this week, he passed away. Why? Because CEO Albert Bouria broke his tender feelings by not joining Operation Warp Speed ​​last spring.

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