Tucker Carlson complains about Biden’s ‘power failure’ as Trump hides for full week

Fox News host Tucker Carlson kicked off his Thursday night show criticizing the media for allegedly allowing a “blackout” on President-elect Joe Biden, apparently ignoring the fact that President Donald Trump did made no public remarks and has barely been seen in a full week.

In recent , although the president has refused to accept the election results while relying on long-term lawsuits, he hopes he will overturn Biden’s victories in several key states, Biden has started the selection process for his White House staff, starting with his longtime aide Ron Klain as White House chief of staff.

While the president-elect has given a handful of speeches over the past few and held a press conference, he has been criticized – largely by the conservative media – for his lack of public accessibility. Additionally, Fox News hosts complained that the media did not press Biden during his press availability on his transition plans and cabinet choices.

“So what has Joe Biden been up to lately?” Carlson asked Thursday night. “We are told that Joe Biden is our president-elect. Supposedly, he’s going to enter the White House in with something called a warrant. If that’s true, what exactly is he going to do with this mandate? This is an interesting . It might be worth asking, but hardly anyone asks.

After complaining that “the news media are busy invading Giuliani” – who has peddled haphazard and baseless of widespread electoral fraud on behalf of the president – “because he has questions about some of the votes that took place last week, ”the Fox News star went on to claim that the media was deliberately protecting Biden.

“The of Biden are okay with that,” he added. “They don’t want to deal with the media either, so they don’t want to deal with the media.”

Noting that a Politico The reporter pointed out that Biden’s team had “not had regular transition ” immediately after Biden’s projected victory, Carlson exclaimed that “this is a break with tradition and it’s worrying “.

“So what exactly is going on behind his blackout that hides Joe Biden from public view?” Well, pretty much exactly what you expect will happen, ”Carlson continued, criticizing Biden’s appointment to Klain.

While accusing Biden of supposedly hiding from the public despite multiple public appearances in recent , the far-right prime-time star did not mention the fact that Trump has remained largely confined to the White House last week.

Apart from a brief appearance at Arlington National Cemetery for Veterans Day – he made no public remarks – the President has not been physically heard since his deranged speech last Thursday in which he falsely claimed that he was the undisputed winner of the election while spouting some crazy plots.

Carlson’s criticism of Biden for supposedly breaking tradition may also seem quite strange, given that Trump refused to concede the election despite networks – including Fox News – calling for the election of Biden on Saturday morning and Biden on track to win 306 electoral votes.

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