Tucker Carlson suggests his hunter Biden Dirt was intercepted in the mail

Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who recently devoted the lion’s share of his airtime to allegations of corruption surrounding Hunter Biden, insisted Wednesday night he was in possession of more Biden evidence. overwhelming but that the “confidential documents” had been intercepted during an expedition. center.

After dedicating his opening segment to recapping his Tuesday night interview with Tony Bobulinski, a former Hunter Biden associate who now claims Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is lying about his involvement in China trade relations from his son, Carlson went on to deliver an extremely detailed account of so-called new bomb materials.

“So on Monday of this week, we received – from a source – a series of confidential documents relating to the Biden camp,” Carlson said. “We believe these documents are genuine, real and overwhelming.”

The Fox News star said when the documents were received he and his executive producer were in Los Angeles interviewing Bobulinski. Carlson then claimed he had another producer ship the documents overnight to California with a “big brand company,” which he did not specifically identify.

“But the Biden documents never got to Los Angeles,” Carlson continued. “Tuesday morning we learned from the shipping company that our package had been opened and the contents were missing. The documents were gone.

From there, prime-time host Fox then strongly hinted that a nefarious plot was behind the disappearance of top-secret documents that would be extremely damaging to Team Biden.

He went on to say that the shipping company had taken extreme measures to find out what had happened to the package, adding that it had been found at a sorting facility and “apparently it had been opened” and emptied.

“The company’s security team questioned every one of its employees who touched the envelope we sent,” said Carlson breathlessly. “They searched the plane and the trucks carrying it, they went through the New York office where our producers dropped off this package, they combed through the entire cavernous sorting facility, they used photos of what we had sent, so that the researchers would know what to look for. They went way beyond but found nothing.

Adding that “the documents are missing,” Carlson concluded by saying the company had no idea or “working theory” of what had happened to “the mine of documents that are directly relevant to the presidential campaign in six days”.

“We spoke to the executives of the company a few hours ago and they seemed baffled and deeply disturbed by this – and so did we,” he concluded.

So, just to recap: Tucker Carlson’s office received secret documents from a source that could change the course of the election, asked that they be shipped across the country rather than scanned and emailed in safely, its producer sent them without apparently making a copy. , and they’ve now been stolen from a mail facility, and no one knows what happened.

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