Tucker Carlson tells his giant fox audience not to trust COVID vaccines

Fox News host Tucker Carlson dipped his toe in anti-vaxxer waters on Thursday night as he expressed skepticism about the coronavirus vaccines, citing the severe allergic reaction a recent recipient suffered while at the same time warning its viewers that the elites would to threaten them “unless we take it.”

At the peak of his prime-time schedule Thursday night, the right-wing host – who went from coronavirus alarmist to contrarian COVID months ago – derisively sneered at the amount of positive media coverage the COVID-19 vaccine authorization received.

“Suddenly the COVID vaccine is on the morning shows, touted on celebrity Twitter accounts, and the news about it is shining evenly,” he said sarcastically. “This stuff is just great. A lot of famous people say so. Just the other day the guy who played Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings series received the vaccine. As on any media tour, the paparazzi were there for the dramatic moment when they stuck the needle in his arm.

Carlson quickly turned his attention to recent news that an Alaskan healthcare worker suffered a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine, contrasting with the general enthusiasm that greeted the approval and release of the agents. prevention by the government.

“’It was a fantastic experience,” according to the doctors who treated her, ”Carlson said, citing an article on the situation. “’All the while, she was still excited about having received the vaccine and how it would benefit her in the future.’ ‘

“What a happy patient she must be,” he sneered again. “We have to assume that it is, anyway, because we can’t really know. Authorities have not disclosed his name. All we know is that she is a very satisfied customer. Yet another. Have a vaccine and a smile. Just do it!”

He went on to say it was “condescending” for people to say they were excited to receive the vaccine before claiming that the population inoculation campaign was an attempt by the government to exert additional control.

“In this country, we control our own bodies,” Carlson said. “They always us that. But no. Suddenly, the rules have changed. On the issue of the corona vaccine, our leaders are certainly not pro-choice. Their opinion is to do as you are told and not to complain. No uncomfortable questions. These are not just suggestions, they are rules and Silicon Valley aims to enforce them. “

The Fox News star, who has regularly targeted Big Tech, went on to complain that Twitter was reporting tweets claiming the vaccine was being used to “control populations” while criticizing Facebook for amplifying reassuring information about the vaccines. .

“So whatever you do, don’t say it’s social control because if you do, the richest and most powerful people in the world will act in perfect coordination to shut you down immediately,” he grumbled. .

Carlson then took his skepticism around vaccines several steps further by suggesting that Bill and Melinda Gates, who have been the target of disturbing conspiracies around vaccines, were “happy to take control” and push “censorship” around. preventive medicine.

“So [Melinda Gates] asks tech companies to censor anyone who contradicts the official COVID vaccine scenario, and it gets their wish, ”he said. “None of this inspires confidence. Censorship will not convince a single person to take the coronavirus vaccine. In fact, it will have the opposite effect. “

The right-wing host, whom Fox News lawyers successfully argued in court should not be taken seriously, added that public health experts should not be trusted because the post- surge in cases of coronavirus did not occur. (Some areas of the United States have not seen increases in already-record infection rates, while others have seen massive spikes.)

Carlson’s vaccine skepticism came just a day after the United States saw more than 3,600 coronavirus deaths, a grim new record. The capacity of intensive care units in Southern California has fallen to 0% and cases nationwide have passed 17 million. The Fox star, perhaps as expected, also expressed doubts about the , saying the death toll was likely inflated.

Americans’ reluctance to receive inoculations, meanwhile, has waned in recent weeks amid encouraging news about several COVID-19 vaccines, the approval of the vaccine by the FDA, and the vaccines distributed and administered across the country.

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