Twitter banned mathematician as he testified about Arizona voter fraud – Dateway

On Monday, Twitter banned the account of mathematician Bobby Piton as he testified in the Arizona Senate about clear evidence of voter fraud. reported that Piton’s account was suspended because he gave his testimony at the hearing.

During his testimony, Piton claimed that he believed the alleged fraud to be so overwhelming that the numbers from Arizona could not be exact.

“If I were an executive in a listed company, I would never sign this [certification]because I risk jail time and have all my money taken away in prosecution. So to answer your question, I would never, ever have certified, ”Piton told lawmakers.

“I would rather resign rather than have certified these results,” he added.

On the social media platform Speak, Piton lamented the latest Twitter ban, saying, “Just got suspended from TWITTER AGAIN… Guess I’m not welcome there anymore…”

Following the 2020 fallout, Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms have been working overtime to censor any information about possible voter fraud.

How many more legal witnesses will Big Tech try to silence before it’s all over?

Watch Piton’s full testimonial below:

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