Twitter blocks links to CPAC website

Twitter is blocking links to the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) website, with users being told they are sharing an “unsafe” URL.

CPAC is an annual political attended by activists, journalists and elected officials from across the United States.

The organization’s 2021 rally will begin tomorrow in Orlando, with former President Donald Trump as the keynote speaker.

However, Twitter users who attempt to access the CPAC website from the social media platform now see a warning telling them that clicking on the link “may be dangerous”.

The warning message then lists four categories, which include “violent or deceptive content that could cause harm in the real world.”

Users can still access the website, but they must agree to continue at their own risk.

In October, Twitter sparked controversy by blocking a New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s alleged attempts to influence his father, Joe Biden, to shut down an investigation into Ukrainian company Burisma.

The company claimed the story violated its “pirated materials” policy, but did an about-face after CEO Jack Dorsey admitted the blocking of URLs without context was “wrong.”

However, even after admitting his mistake, Twitter went on to block a follow-up story about Hunter Biden’s alleged efforts to get his father a cut from a deal involving CEFC China Co.

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