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following The Detroit News’ Approval of GOP candidate John James for the US Senate, Twitter decided to censor the post by telling users to do their research before sharing the article.

On Thursday, the newspaper ran an op-ed detailing its endorsement of James, who competes with Democratic incumbent Gary Peters.

“Michigan would gain increased influence and better representation of its people in the US Senate by electing John James,” the newspaper told readers, a bold statement considering Wayne County to be overwhelmingly Democratic.

“It would also send a natural leader to the Senate who may well become one of the most powerful members of the chamber.

James was also defended by President Donald Trump, who last month gave James his “full and complete approval” for the Senate.

the News went on to explain why James would be a better leader than Peters, adding the fact that he is an Iraq War veteran.

“Leadership is in James’ DNA. He helped run his family’s successful auto supply business. As an army pilot, he led soldiers into combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom, News wrote.

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“We believe John James has the potential to become an influential senator who, while prioritizing Michigan, will also speak on behalf of a group of Americans who are grossly under-represented in the Senate,” the paper concludes.

After Twitter users attempted to share the approval of the document, many noticed a prompt telling them to read the article before sharing, a subtle form of content limitation.

“The headlines don’t tell the whole story,” a Twitter prompt told users. “You can read the article on Twitter before you retweet.

“Twitter doesn’t want you to know that @detroitnews endorsed @JohnJamesMI,” one Twitter user noted.

The article’s implicit blacklist comes as Twitter has come under fire for censoring content on the New York Post about the son of Hunter of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. In this case, Twitter not only locked the NY Post out of their account for days on end, but also banned users who dared to promote the article, which many believe is important information voters need to know a few days before the election.

“Why is Twitter putting an unnecessary warning on the story?” request PJ Media. “Is it because John James, an African-American Republican, votes well in the race and could win, and his victory could decide which party will control the Senate?”

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