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Update (2000ET): Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock all day, you’ll know Twitter and Facebook have stepped up their censorship of a shocking New York Post story showing emails (to and from from Hunter Biden) who clearly contradict Joe Biden claims he never discussed drinkingsiness with his son.

The authenticity of the content of the emails has not been denied by the Biden campaign and moreover, the the possibility of an informal meeting between the vice-president and the Ukrainian executive was not refused:

Several GOP lawmakers have officially “ involved ”, including Rep. Jim Jordan, who posted his own letter to Facebook asking for an explanation of why he decided to censor the Hunter Biden story.

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Facebook reiterated its warning that foreign adversaries of the United States, including Russia, may seek to pressure journalists to amplify pirated or inaccurate content they wish to broadcast ahead of the election.

Owen and Deanna discuss the explosive revelations about Hunter Biden, upcoming rallies, and what could happen in the final days leading up to the election.

Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook’s chief security officer, issued the warning again Wednesday on Twitter, “given the news cycle this morning.” He did not say directly if that was the reason Facebook acted on New York Post content.

Then Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey offered his comment, quickly backing down on actions his company has taken:

Which seemed a bit genuine, until the company tried to provide “essential clarity” on its decision.

The company then tried to cover up its action by explaining step by step how the story violated its terms of service. Notably, many of the examples offered are regularly featured in reports of all kinds.

The main offense on which it is based: to publish personal photos without the explicit permission of the subject.

The news media have long respected the privacy of individuals, but when it comes to public figures all bets are off. At least, that’s what many journalists learn in journalism school.

“We want to clarify the action we have taken on two NY Post stories that were first tweeted this morning.”

Has President Trump given NBC News permission to release this recording of him speaking to Billy Bush?

Oh and one more thing …

Of course, the Conservatives immediately pointed out that it was not Twitter’s communication skills that were at issue.

And another user pointed to the irony of reporters supporting Twitter’s explanation.

We have a warning for Mr Dorsey, stay away from (soon to be Congresswoman Laura Loomer):

Now, as we wait to learn more about Facebook’s thought process, will Zuckerberg personally jump in?

When will it be stopped? As Tucker Carlson said tonight, “Soon we’re going to do a show where we just read the names of all the Republicans … who refused to lift a finger to save you from what you correctly described as this serious moment in American history.

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