Twitter only allows Star fans to post child rape fetish images days after Trump, supporters were banned – Dateway

In an article that many Americans find disturbing, OnlyFans pornstar Belle Delphine, 21, uploaded footage from her latest outing. During the photo shoot, Delphine, while dressed as a schoolgirl, appears to have been abducted, tied up, stripped of her pants and apparently “raped”. Twitter has allowed photos of the theatrical rape to remain on the platform.

Just days after banning President Donald Trump, allegedly out of fears his tweets would inspire violence, Twitter allowed Delphine to post graphic images that appear to show a simulated child rape.

On Twitter, Delphine captioned the four photos “My Perfect First Date” after hinting that she would post new pornography to her OnlyFans followers.

DISCLAIMER: National File has these images, but they may still be viewed as graphics for some readers.

As National File recently reported, Twitter recently admitted – after initially claiming the opposite – that they had banned at least 70,000 “Q-anon” accounts, ostensibly in favor of Trump, for the same fears of stir up violence.

National file reported:

Twitter announced Monday night that following the protests on Capitol Hill, the social media platform had banned more than 70,000 accounts from its site, which it said were “engaged in sharing harmful content associated with QAnon on a large scale and were primarily dedicated to spreading this theory throughout the service. “

In the statement, Twitter said it would take “tough enforcement action against behavior that could cause harm offline” and that “given the violent events in Washington, DC and the increased risk of harm,” the bans on had to take place.

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It also comes after Twitter was blocked across the country of Uganda as a result of censorship by pro-government experts and members of the government itself.

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Despite the ban on President Trump and thousands of his supporters, Twitter has declared Uganda’s decision a violation of “basic human rights” and denounced the decision in a statement which has been mocked online by conservatives .

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