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Twitter has said it will remove all suggesting there are “adverse effects or effects of vaccinationDespite already emerging of healthcare workers falling ill after taking Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine.

Twitter ad Starting next week, it will cloud the memory of any messages that “invoke a deliberate conspiracy” or “advance harmful, false or misleading stories” about vaccines.

“Using a combination of technology and human scrutiny, we will begin to implement this updated policy on December 21 and expand our actions over the following weeks,” the company said.

Twitter added that it will monitor vaccine publications “in close consultation with local, national and global public health authorities around the world.”

Nurses across the country are refusing to take the COVID vaccine as Big Pharma’s propaganda machine is pushing it onto the masses.

The tech company will also delete any messages suggesting that vaccines “are used to cause intentional harm”, or “control populations”, or are “”.

The statement also notes that the messages will be deleted if they contain “false claims that have been largely debunked about the harmful effects or effects of vaccination.”

What exactly “demystified” means has not been clarified. This presumably means all the vaccine claims that Twitter disagrees with.

The New York Times and others reported on Wednesday that healthcare workers in Alaska have been hospitalized with a severe allergic reaction after taking Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine.

The development follows last week in Britain where some healthcare workers have reported severe allergic reactions to the vaccine, prompting the UK medical regulator to warn people with a history of allergies of do not get vaccinated.

There is a mountain of documented evidence that some vaccines can cause harm and have unwanted effects, and compared to previous vaccines the coronavirus vaccine is relatively untested, indeed six people have even died during the rush for it. develop.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulators also revealed that some people who received Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine during his trial had since developed Bell’s palsy, a form of facial palsy.

The US and UK governments have deployed technology specifically to monitor the adverse effects of the vaccine because they know there will be very many cases.

Still, Twitter appears to be decreeing that any suggestion that the shot might cause damage will be subject to strict censorship.

When it cannot prove that something has been “debunked” and remove the post entirely, Twitter intends to attach “warning” tags to tweets that “advance unsubstantiated rumors, disputed allegations, as well. as incomplete or out of context information on vaccines. . ”

Last month, Twitter said it would send warnings to anyone who likes a post the company considers to contain “misleading information.”

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