Twitter users label footballer homophobic for destroying LGBT corner flag during celebration – Dateway

Some Twitter users have reacted to footballer Jamie Vardy smashing an LGBT corner flag after scoring a last-minute winner in a game by accusing the Leicester City forward of being ‘homophobic’.

After Vardy hit the back of the net he ran to the corner and demolished the rack holding the rainbow colored flag, which is currently displayed on pitches across the UK in a further measure of virtue signaling.

Many Twitter users responded by claiming the incident was an attack on gay men.

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Many others responded by pointing out that Vardy was particularly excited as he scored a last minute winner against the team he hates most, Sheffield Utd, given he is a fan of rivals Sheffield Wednesday.

Others have suggested that Vardy should make some sort of apology even if he didn’t mean to disparage LGBT people.

Meanwhile, after some fans were allowed into stadiums for the first time, players taking a knee to honor Black Lives Matter ahead of the game’s kick-off were booed by some supporters in Millwall and West Ham.

Both clubs immediately bowed and apologized despite the obvious fact that fans are booing a violent far-left political movement (BLM) and not booing black people.



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