Twitter’s Jack Dorsey pokes fun at Talking purge

One thing that could be said for John D. Rockefeller of Standard Oil. Although he was a monopolist, he never openly jubilated or made fun of the competitors he suppressed or destroyed. The same can’t be said for the blatant 21st century monopoly, Jack Dorsey of Twitter. Not content with acting in tandem with other social media monopolies in an attempt to destroy his competitor, Parler, he rubbed salt into the injury he helped create by cheering about it with a mocking tweet.

Because Twitter permanently banned President Trump with his blanket crackdown on free speech, many Twitter users began to switch to Talking, which for a while made him the number one free app downloads. .

This obviously didn’t suit the Orwellian social media giants, so acting in tandem, Apple and Google removed access to the Talk app, then Amazon removed Talk from its web hosting service. Shortly after, Parler fell from its download rankings due to the monopoly removal of social media which led to this jubilant tweet from Jack Dorsey:

There was a furious reaction to Dorsey’s Tweet about a competitor posing a threat to his monopoly.

The result of this collusion between the big social media companies to suppress the competitors means that they have now locked themselves in a corner where they are forced to do everything they can to continue supporting Democrats in the future in order to avoid antitrust actions if the party controls to lose power.

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