UFC’s Jorge Masvidal wants to keep custody at MAGA events after seeing BLM attack footage – Dateway

Mixed martial arts star Jorge Masvidal said he could ‘get a few teammates and start attending’ MAGA March events after watching footage of Antifa and Black Lives Matt sucker hitting and robbing an elderly Trump supporter following Saturday’s Million MAGA Walk in Washington DC

In the footage, a masked BLM activist hits an older man from behind and knocks him down. A BLM agitator then steals the victim’s phone as Antifa activists move in to stomp on her head.

Masvidal, a Trump supporter and opponent of Communism, said on Twitter: “I bet I can have a few teammates and start seeing these #superneccessary things.

The hashtag #superneccessary is a reference to Masvidal’s flying knee from Ben Askren, and the quip he gave to a reporter who complained about whether the follow-up punches were “necessary.”

As expected, Trump’s support has been massive and peaceful. Americans have come out in droves to express their silent voices against the mainstream media propaganda machine and its lords. The crowd was as diverse as it comes.

“And I say this so as not to promote violence. To keep the peace. We are all in this #theresurrection together, ”added Masvidal.

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The dozens of cowardly and unprovoked attacks by Antifa and BLM agitators on Trump supporters leaving the Million MAGA March finally came to a halt on Saturday night after members of the Proud Boys took to the streets to physically push back left-wing activists:

Video footage of young couples, children and the elderly attacked by masked gangs in dozens of separate incidents, associated with attempts by BLM and Antifa to harass Trump supporters inside bars and restaurants. yodeling hotels and flashing laser pointers in windows, prompted the Proud Boys into action on Saturday night.

Antifa and BLM seemed unprepared for a mutual fight with fighting-aged men, and although they outnumbered the Proud Boys, they were easily routed and fled screaming through the night while asking for police protection.

Taken without their police escort, things didn’t go well for Antifa and BLM as they were beaten up by patriots yelling “F ** k Antifa!”

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