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With the entire British population now under de facto house arrest as of Thursday, the shift to a full police state has drawn closer with the announcement of the ban on protests.

The Times of London reports that a ban on protests of more than two people will be made illegal as part of the second nationwide lockdown.

Ironically, this move appears to be a response to the fact that Black Lives Matter was allowed to stage huge protests during the first lockdown, while families were not allowed to gather in small numbers.

So now any form of protest is apparently prohibited under emergency measures.

The vagueness surrounding the overthrow of a basic human right is frightening, with a spokesperson for the Home Office telling reporters that “the right to peaceful protest is one of the cornerstones of our democracy”, but adding that ” any gathering risks spreading the disease, leading to more deaths, so it is vital that we all play our part in controlling the virus. “

“People must follow the rules for meeting with others, which apply to all gatherings and therefore to demonstrations as well,” the government spokesman added.

While police have been told by the government they will have to halt protests, some officers have expressed concern that the move will only encourage people to take to the streets.

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A police source told The Times that “this is going to cause a lot of problems.”

“People are going to be extremely angry and they are afraid to protest that they cannot protest,” the source added.

In “Brave New World” the Epsilons were the lowest class of workers, but in order to make sure they are happy to serve in this role, they are deprived of oxygen but bloated with hormones that make them physically strong but unintelligent. In addition, they are conditioned to feel that they have the privilege of being strong. Change the hormones to authority and you have 2020 workers who are self-appointed lobby monitors for lockdown.

The move adds to the already growing litany of disturbing emergency “laws” that have been introduced under the guise of fighting the pandemic.

Anyone attempting to leave the country ‘without a reasonable excuse’ will now be fined up to £ 6,400.

People, including families, are not allowed to congregate in numbers more than six, while stores in some areas have been told to only sell items they deem essential, leading some , especially in Wales, which is run by a left-wing Labor government. , buckle up entire sections, including those containing books and writing materials, and even clothing and bedding.

It was also reported that police questioned people about what they were about to buy before entering grocery stores.

Meanwhile, people are reporting disturbing stories of being hounded by police for refusing to download the NHS coronavirus tracker and locate app.

An NHS nurse publicly resigned on Thursday while wearing her uniform before disclosing the actual number of COVID patients at her hospital, which is far lower than the government suggested, and denouncing the disastrous lockdown policy of the government.

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