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The UK government has hired two companies to develop COIVD ‘freedom passports’, which would be used to separate society between those who have been tested or vaccinated against COVID and those who have not.

While the government continues to say it will not introduce such a system, companies have been given instructions to develop an app-based system to embed a QR code linked to a digital passport.

The QR code would be used to enter pubs, clubs, halls, cinemas, practically anywhere in public.

“After scanning the code, the place could refuse entry to those without recent negative results,” notes the Daily Mail.

The plans for ‘negative Covid-19 test certification’ were discovered on the UK government’s contract finder.

The site shows that in November a £ 42,000 contract was awarded to a company called Netcompany UK develop a “Covid-19 / Passport MVP Certification” (minimum viable product “).

Another £ 34,000 contract was awarded to Enterprise Hub to develop an app that would include a personal QR code for COVID testing.

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“It’s about looking for ways we could use this in the future,” a Deprtment of Health source said, adding, “It’s about determining if that would be possible.”

“There are no plans to introduce immunity passports,” the source also said, echoing previous government assurances.

We previously reported in November on the government’s active plans to develop a QR code system to be used as an “immunity passport”.

The report, from sources close to the government, noted that “those who refuse to take the hit from the Covid-19 would likely be refused entry to the scene, under the same proposals.”

Other reports have suggested that an app already used prominently in the UK by people to book doctor and hospital appointments could implement a section on the status of vaccination that will show whether a person has taken the coronavirus vaccine or not, and that companies can use it to deny entry. to those who haven’t.

Government officials have previously signaled that the system could be integrated into the much-maligned NHS Track and Trace app.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who has repeatedly refused to rule out making vaccination compulsory for all UK citizens, previously announced that ‘immunity passports’ could be deployed for those with antibodies against the virus, allowing them to participate in society.

The system would be similar in nature to that envisioned by Ticketmaster, which plans to have customers prove they have had the vaccine or a negative coronavirus test before allowing them to purchase tickets.

Ticketmaster later clarified that the final decision on such measures would rest with event planners, but that they were still considering how to implement the system.

The specter of so-called “immunity passports” extends beyond Britain. Recently, the government of Ontario, Canada admitted that it is studying “immunity passports” in conjunction with restrictions on travel and access to social places for the unvaccinated.

Last week, Israel announced that citizens who receive the COVID-19 vaccine will receive “green passports” which will allow them to go to the premises and eat in the restaurants.

A litany of other government and travel industry figures in the United States, Britain and beyond have suggested ‘COVID passports’ are coming to ‘life back to normal’.

Sam Grant, campaign manager for the civil liberties group Freedom warned that “any form of immunity passport risks creating a two-tier system in which some of us have access to freedoms and support while others are excluded.”

“These systems could lead to the blocking of people who do not have immunity from essential public services, work or housing – the most marginalized among us being the hardest hit,” Grant further warned.

“It also has wider implications because any form of immunity passport could pave the way for a comprehensive identity system – an idea that has been repeatedly dismissed as incompatible with building a rights-respecting society.” Grant insisted.

While some see the idea of ​​“ immunity passports ” as antithetical to a free society, others support travel bans for the unvaccinated and implore the implementation of health passes:

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