UK government doctor says masks should be worn for YEARS – Dateway

The UK’s deputy chief medical officer warned on Wednesday that despite the arrival of COVID vaccines, masks will still have to be worn “for years.”

Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said he expects face covers to become as common as they are in China and elsewhere in the Far East.

Van-Tam insisted that there will be no possibility “to throw a big party and throw away our masks and our hand sanitizer” now that a vaccine is here.

Van-Tam also warned that “the vaccine won’t help you if you don’t take it,” adding that “watching others take it and hoping it protects you then doesn’t work.”

He added that the virus “is likely to be with humanity forever.”

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British MP after reassuring his constituents that the vaccine would not be mandatory, he now realizes that these will be vaccination passports and MUST BE STOPPED. And, Fauci will end his career after promulgating Gates’ IA2030, but he started his position at NIH by obtaining legal immunity for BigPharma vaccines. Now you can’t sue them, but they are suing an injured vaccine tester for speaking out.

Meanwhile, new guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) have suggested that everyone should wear a face mask anywhere inside at all times, as well as outside whenever they are. cannot stand more than a meter from others.

The health agency has released a new fact sheet with the guidelines, but admits there is “limited evidence” that the masks have an effect in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

An extensive study by Danish scientists at the University of Copenhagen recently found no evidence that masks protect anyone from the virus.

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