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A British MP faced backlash on Monday after suggesting that British employees should not be allowed to go to work unless they can prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, when the vaccine is released. available.

“If the vaccination works and if we are convinced that it is safe, and all the indications so far are correct, I can certainly see the day when companies say, ‘Look, you have to go back to the office and if you don’t vaccinated, you don’t come, ”said Tom Tugendhat.

“And I can definitely see social places asking for vaccination certificates,” Tugendhat added.

Far from being a far-left politician, Tugendhat is a Conservative Member of Parliament, he chairs the foreign affairs committee of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government.

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Tugendhat also suggested there are precedents for requiring vaccinations for overseas travel.

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“I remember when I was traveling a bit more than now – when you go to certain countries you had to present a yellow fever certificate and if you didn’t have a yellow fever certificate you didn’t. ‘were not allowed to enter the country and that was it,’ Tugendhat said.

“There was no debate, no appeal and no further demand. And I can see a situation where yes, of course, you are free not to get vaccinated, but there are consequences, ”he added.

Tugendhat also suggested that immunization status might even be required to use public transport, saying, “It would depend on what the utilities were, and who and when, so I wouldn’t want to start predicting.

“But I think if things turn out to be safe, rejecting them when they have a broader effect on the whole of society will have consequences,” the MP added.

Tugendhat’s suggestion is just the latest in a series of indications that anyone who chooses not to be vaccinated will indeed be ostracized from society.

Airlines are likely to require passengers to sign up for a “health pass” that includes a digital certificate of COVID-19 vaccination before allowing them to fly, according to a recent report.

The system would be similar in nature to that envisioned by Ticketmaster, which plans to have customers prove they have had the vaccine or a negative coronavirus test before allowing them to purchase tickets.

Ticketmaster later clarified that the final decision on such measures would rest with event planners, but that they were still considering how to implement the system.

As Uber and other companies also begin to deny services to people who do not comply with coronavirus restrictions, the ‘new normal’ will likely create a lower caste of refusniks banned from traveling, from all forms of social life. and even in the future. basic financial services.

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