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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, currently criticized for imposing another lockdown based on questionable data, met with Bill Gates to discuss the implementation of a global ‘health security’ agenda using the UK Presidency of the G7 to speed up the process.

Johnson has met with Gates and the CEOs of ten of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to spur plans to roll out the coronavirus vaccine.

Each CEO has agreed to commit to providing “equitable” access across the globe to the vaccine when it is ready.

Johnson said the opportunity presented by the G7 presidency in 2021 to Britain will allow the nation to lead a global health plan developed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in partnership with the Wellcome Trust.

The plan was unveiled by Gates at the UN in September, where he called for a review of the ability of big pharmaceutical companies to manufacture “vaccines and treatments.”

Johnson hailed the effort as a “new era of collaborative problem solving” and “pandemic preparedness”, adding that it would be a “truly global endeavor.”

The prime minister said world leaders should have heeded Gates’ warnings years ago and must now work with his Foundation to prevent “something like [Covid-19] will never happen again.

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Gates noted that “the world needs a global strategy; a cohesive approach to financing and manufacturing billions of doses of vaccines, tests and drugs; and a network to monitor new threats. “

“We are fortunate that Prime Minister Johnson has devised a smart plan to do just that in the UK, and our foundation will continue to work with his government and others to make it a reality,” added Mr. Gates.

After Pfizer’s absurd claim of 90% efficacy, Russia is bragging about THEIR more effective vaccine. China and Deutche Bank are questioning the timing of the announcement for political purposes. But why isn’t anyone questioning the health risk if the vaccine is not kept at ridiculously cold levels?

The UK government is preparing to roll out the coronavirus vaccine to a level never seen before, recruiting the military to run vaccination centers in arenas, gyms and shopping malls.

It has been described as “the biggest logistical effort since World War II”.

Gates has previously said the world won’t be back to normal until “a lot of people” take a second “super potent” coronavirus vaccine that could be years away.

Last week we, Gates, announced that a “best case scenario” for a return to normal would be the end of 2021, a date which was qualified with the caveat: “We still don’t know if these vaccines will be successful. “

The billionaire also suggested that governments should “think about” ways to “reduce vaccine reluctance” in the face of anti-vaccine “conspiracy theories”.

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