UK: Several arrests made as scuffles erupt during COVID vaccination protest outside parliament

Subscribe to our channel! At least 11 protesters were arrested and one injured as a new round of anti-vaccination protests in London turned into scuffles with police on Monday. Tensions escalated when a group of around 200 non-masked protesters ignored law enforcement’s directive to disperse the public rally in Parliament Square, violating coronavirus regulations. Blood and medical supplies could be seen spread out on the sidewalk after a protester was hit in the head with a baton. Metropolitan Police said the injured activist was arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker and taken to hospital after fighting his arrest. “I think they have a right to protest, but not if it endangers other people, which is inherently intended, isn’t it, because if one of them is sick, they are all going to take it back to their families, “I said. More people were arrested as protesters driven from the scene marched through the city center. #coronavirus # COVID19 #UK #vaccination #vaccinationprotest Video ID: 20201214-051 Video on demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook :.
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