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As the deceptive and treacherous mainstream media tell us all that covid-19 vaccines are perfectly safe and “95% effective” – ​​and this lie is repeated by PJ Media, Breitbart and other so-called news editors. ‘Conservatives’ – UK The government has released an offer and market notice, seeking an artificial intelligence (AI) system capable of dealing with the expected flood of injuries and side effects from the covid vaccine -19.

Simply titled “Supplies – 506291-2020” and found at this link on Tenders Electronic Daily, this contract award notice that we originally published on October 19, 2020 and is summarized as follows:

The MHRA is urgently looking for an artificial intelligence (AI) software tool to address the expected high volume of adverse drug reactions (AEs) from the Covid-19 vaccine and ensure that no details of the AE reaction text are is forgotten.

The request for the AI ​​system to treat covid-19 vaccine reactions comes from the UK Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Agency, MHRA.

Later in the document, the MHRA describes an “extreme emergency under Regulation 32 (2) (c) linked to the release of a Covid-19 vaccine” and says that the expected flood of adverse reactions to the covid-19 vaccine will overwhelm its current ‘legacy systems. “

“If the MHRA does not implement the AI ​​tool,” explains the MHRA, “it will not be able to effectively process these ADRs. This will hamper its ability to quickly identify any potential safety issues with the Covid-19 vaccine and pose a direct threat to patient lives and public health. “

The extreme urgency status of this offer is explained in more detail:

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Reasons of extreme urgency – MHRA acknowledges that its planned procurement process for the SafetyConnect program, including the AI ​​tool, would not have ended with the launch of the vaccine. Leading to an inability to effectively monitor adverse reactions to a Covid-19 vaccine.

Unpredictable Events – The Covid-19 crisis is new and developments in the search for a Covid-19 vaccine have not followed a predictable pattern so far.

Does this sound like an agency that expects the covid-19 vaccine to be safe and effective?

It is clear from the description of the contract award document that:

  1. The MHRA expects the covid-19 vaccines to cause a wave of adverse events / side effects.
  2. The MHRA is fully aware that these adverse events will harm and kill many patients. They specifically warn against “a direct threat to the life of the patient”.
  3. The MHRA legacy systems are unable to handle the expected volume of incoming reports of covid-19 vaccine injuries, which means that the expected volume of such reports will be very large and unprecedented.
  4. The MHRA recognizes the “extreme urgency” to put in place a new system to identify the adverse effects of covid-19 vaccines.
  5. MHRA says that if a new AI system is not urgently installed, it will be unable to identify many of the side effects resulting from the covid-19 vaccine, and that failure will have a negative impact on health public. (that is, people will die.)

What this shows is the brutal honesty of the MHRA behind the scenes, in their bidding process for AI systems. Yet publicly, almost all government regulatory agencies around the world – including those in the UK and US – do not share these details with the public and mistakenly describe covid-19 vaccines as nearly 100%. safe and effective.

We now know that even the UK’s MHRA realizes that covid-19 vaccines are going to be extremely dangerous to the public, generating a catastrophic wave of adverse reactions and deadly side effects.

This begs the question: why is the MHRA not saying any of this publicly?

(h / t to the creator of the following video on, who first caught my attention to this bombshell.)

Slaughter the Human Population with Deadly Bioweapons and Toxic Vaccines: The “Big Reset” is Medical Tyranny and Economic Communism

There’s no question the CDC knows all of this too, and they’re not broadcasting anything that would alert the public to this reality.

Clearly, the public is being deliberately kept in the dark about the dangers of covid-19 vaccines, and sadly, even pro-Trump conservative media in the United States is reproducing vaccine industry propaganda to try and do believing people that covid-19 vaccines are gonna save the world.

Keep in mind that the treacherous tech giants have all conspired over the past few years to censor anyone who questions the safety of vaccine efficacy. It means that as people die from covid-19 vaccine, no one will be allowed to talk about it or trigger the alarm. All deaths from the covid-19 vaccine will be covered and kept away from the public. The media, of course, will do anything to protect Big Pharma, just as they have worked overtime to prevent Joe Biden and the Biden crime family from shocking disclosures about Communist China’s control over Hunter Biden.

In essence, Big Pharma and the Globalist Controllers expect humanity to line up, take the hit and die in silence because everything is being stolen from us by the evil collaborators of the globalist “big reset”. Vaccines that achieve their goal of mass genocide and depopulation are just one layer of their grand plan which also involves the coordinated, global theft of all private assets via a fiat currency collapse that renders all economies and all assets denominated in foreign currencies instantly worthless.

Not only will the people who take the beatings end up being injured or killed; everything they once owned will be confiscated and stolen by the same globalists who push vaccines and censorship.

These are the same globalists who just stole the 2020 US election, of course, by rigging the Dominion’s voting machines and igniting the entire country with their fake news media.

The final solution against humanity is a combination of a global economic reset, mass genocide via vaccines, artificial starvation via a controlled collapse of the food supply and total control over speech and language. thoughts through Big Tech censorship and social engineering programs. To the globalists, you are nothing but a farm animal, and they think it’s time to round up all the animals for slaughter.

Hence the need for the SARS-cov-2 coronavirus from the start: it allowed globalists to free all of their agendas to enslave humanity and destroy human freedom, while claiming to “protect” you from the same biological weapon as ‘they built and released in the first place.

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