Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Jacket Review

If living on the East Coast has taught me anything, it’s that you can never have too many jackets on hand, as the weather here is unpredictable (watching you snow squalls) that’s the least of it. ‘you could say. And although my collection of jackets has changed over the years, lately I’ve been looking for a light and warm piece that avoids the frustrating bulk associated with most winter jackets. After all, nothing is worse than shoveling a foot of snow with layers of clothing under a thick parka-style coat. Ugh.

Fortunately, however, I wouldn’t have to look far for my dream jacket, because once I got my hands on the UNIQLO Ultra Light Down Jacket, I was pretty sure I wasn’t wearing a windbreakers and denim jackets. hung in my closet ever again. Let me explain: unlike the jackets of my youth, this navy blue jacket is not only waterproof and easy to zip up, but it’s also so light it can be padded anywhere. Yes, that means easy storage in car glove compartments, small closets, or even a desk drawer, which is a big plus in my eyes.

Of course, this little miracle of a jacket is also great for exercising, as it provides insulation and warmth, without overheating. This means I can wear it during my usual morning run, without completely soaking my jacket (or my two layered hoodies) in sweat. Plus, since soft stretch tape is added to the inside of the sleeves, it helps you keep them in place when rolled up, even when you’re sprinting at full speed.

The only drawback? There is no hood on this jacket which stinks a bit when it suddenly decides to rain while you are running outside. However, if you don’t mind getting wet (which I don’t, every now and then), this is certainly the perfect travel or office companion to have in case Mother Nature has other plans.

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