University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Sorority Kappa Delta Farm Party to host 600 in potential super-spreading event

Members of the Kappa Delta sorority at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa were preparing for a big party on Tuesday that, any other year, would be a routine event.

The main difference – besides security measures like face masks – at a glance to the pandemic? Instead of 600 people at a time, the organizers promised to take the bus in three “teams” or groups of 200 revelers at a time.

But amid the surge in coronaviruses across the country, townspeople have demanded answers to a very simple question: why did the school and town leaders approve a big party fueled by the alcohol right before sending the students home for the holidays?

“It’s appalling and dangerous,” Louise Manos, 61-year-old radiation therapist told The Daily Beast, saying “the four city council members who voted for this are sanctioning a mass-market event.

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