University publishes list of places students are allowed to go due to COVID-19 – Dateway

The of Virginia imposed restrictions on students for nearly two weeks in February, limiting what they could and couldn’t do, in a bid to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

According to an email sent by administrators on February 16, students on campus were only allowed to leave their dormitories for activities, such as going to work, attending classes, eating and doing of outdoor exercise until at least February 26 at that time, the “would consider removing them … if conditions surrounding the virus permitted.”

But during the 10 days from February 16 to 26, students who live off campus were “encouraged to stay at home and limit contact with people outside their home environment.”

While students could go to their work on or off campus, the email stated that “volunteer activities” should be avoided.

The ad stated that “all in-person, on and off court events and gatherings” that are not related to classroom learning “are prohibited and should be brought online.”

Administrators who signed the email said the restrictions were the result of a “disturbing increase in COVID-19 cases in our student community, as well as the arrival of a new, more contagious variant. “.

According to Daily Rider, the confirmed that the British variant of the coronavirus had been detected in the UVA community.

“We know you are tired of fighting the pandemic, and we share your COVID fatigue. We know these restrictions will be difficult. We assure you that we are taking these measures solely for the protection of the and safety of our community. This is the critical moment, ”the email concluded.

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