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The University of Kentucky subjected incoming resident assistants to separate training sessions in which the white group had to identify with racist generalizations, leaked documents from a participant reveal.

Presented with a long list of white “microaggressions” and derogatory accusations of “privilege”, the RAs in the “White Accountability Space” group had to display the document on their computer screens at all times during Zoom calls from the ” breakout session ‘of the marathon on Monday, a student whistleblower told the Young America Foundation.

The student, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of academic repercussions, also provided a cover letter and a white-only training document titled “Common Racist Behaviors and Attitudes of Whites”.

Whites, the long document states, “do not notice the daily indignities that people of color experience”; on the contrary, they “deny them and rationalize them with PLEs (perfectly logical explanations”. ”Worse yet, these logic-anxious white people“ believe they have “won” what they have, rather than recognize the vast white privilege and the unearned benefits they receive, ”and are secretly terrified of being“ discovered ”as racist.

White students have also been accused of “interrupting[ing] and speak[ing] on colored people ”, as well as“ exaggerating[ing] the level of intimacy they have with people of color “, while” internalizing[ing] negative stereotypes about people of color ”and thinking whites were superior. Confusing the matter further, they were charged with ‘deed[ing] more distant and formal with people of color.

During the wrestling sessions, students were asked to engage with the facilitator and each other about negative behaviors they recognize in themselves, and share strategies on how to “better support our minority colleagues and be more aware of the microaggressions we commit. against them every day by being white, ”reported the tipster. The goal, they explained, was to recognize the “vast white privilege” of the RAs.

Many of the items on the list were contradictory, suggesting that there was no way to escape racism if one was unfortunate enough to be born without the right melanin. For example, it has been said that whites “look to people of color for advice, education and coaching on what to do and what not to do” and “Don’t like to follow directions from a person of color.” Perhaps more ironically, they are said to “separate from people of color.”


According to the cover letter, no self-flagellation materials were provided to the “Healing Space” training group – intended only for RAs who identified themselves as black, native or of color. Although all students had received invitations to both sessions, they were expected to “only attend the one that best matches your identity,” said the school’s deputy director for the session. training and staff development in the cover letter, which she signed as “Lauren (her, her, hers).” “

University of Kentucky Young Americans for Freedom [YAF] President Parker Bowman has denounced the separate training – mandatory for any student who wishes to become AR – as “odious”, calling it “not in the wrong direction” for “a campus proud of diversity.” The school, which had previously planned to block the creation of the YAF campus chapter entirely by scuttling no less than six attempts to gain official recognition before a Freedom of Information Act request exposed the skulduggery, refused to defend or explain the purpose of segregation. training in front of representatives of the conservative organization.

A number of our students – and other members of our campus community – have contacted our counseling center about resources that can be provided to help with issues related to racial reconciliation, ”the spokesperson said. from Jay Blaton University to YAF by way of explanation, without explaining how being hateful in a racial group might help them get along with others.

The University of Kentucky is far from the only higher education institution to jump with two feet into the world of awakened segregation in 2020. The University of Michigan at Dearborn raised a forest of eyebrows while holding a pair of “Virtual cafes” apparently split up in the last month, one for white students and one for BIPOC students. While the school apologized for the “terms used to describe” the virtual events, the actual act of holding separate gatherings was apparently acceptable by its standards of “commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. “.

In July, professors at California State University demanded affirmative action from their employer in favor of non-white applicants when hiring professors and called for separate mental health services, tutoring and even a housing. Not to be outdone, hundreds of professors at Princeton University have called for paying more non-white professors and defunding university departments that appear insufficiently committed to hiring more non-white professors, as well as putting in place a no-white space on campus and empower a faculty committee to investigate and punish not only racist behavior but also racist research – presumably that carried out by departments that refuse to overpay for their color faculty.

Owen Shroyer explains how beauty is a factor in winning people’s hearts and minds in the struggle for the future.

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