Unmasked woman stands up against masked Nazis – Dateway

Video of in a CVS pharmacy shows an unmasked woman standing as several people try to pressure her into wearing a mask.

In footage from the epic showdown, the sane woman is mobbed by several angry masked buyers and employees, as she tries to make the case that she is perfectly healthy.

Trying to appeal to logic and reason, the woman tells mask enforcement officials healthy people do not need masks and argues asymptomatic spread of Covid-19 has been proven false.

“I’m not saying COVID isn’t real, I’m saying I’m not sick,” she says. “I am not sick, and the asymptomatic spread has turned out to be a myth. So why am I being treated like a sick person? “

“… It’s a lie and everyone is buying it. I’m finished. Tonight, I reached a breaking point and I finished… ”

More footage continues to surface each day showing healthy but angry Americans fed up with mask orders defending their right to breathe fresh air.

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STRONG POINTS – Courageous Stories of Mask Resistance

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