US elections: US Attorney General orders investigation into electoral fraud – BBC News Africa

US Attorney General William Barr has authorized prosecutors to investigate alleged irregularities in the presidential election, prompting a senior Justice Department official to resign. United States Attorney General William Barr on Monday sent a note in which he wrote that since the end of the vote it was now “imperative that the American people can have confidence” that “the results faithfully reflect the will of the voters “. Barr wrote that federal prosecutors could investigate alleged irregularities in the presidential election “if there are clear and seemingly credible allegations of irregularities which, if true, could potentially impact the outcome of the election. a federal election in a given state “. Mr Barr said prosecutors should only consider “substantive allegations” of irregularities, and “specious, speculative, fanciful or far-fetched allegations” should be ignored. The Attorney General acknowledged that each state has primary responsibility for the conduct of elections, but said the Department of Justice has “an obligation to ensure that federal elections are conducted in such a way that the American people may have full confidence in his electoral process and their government. “However, critics said the launch of the investigation undermined the system as there was no evidence of widespread wrongdoing. Please register HERE.

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