Vaccine passports, a terrible idea. Overexcited variants. Unnecessary masks. An Interview with Professor Jay Bhattacharya – Dateway

Today we are posting an original interview with Jay Bhattacharya, Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. The interview was conducted by a reporter from the staff of a national newspaper group writing under a pseudonym to protect his work. Professor Bhattacharya has been a strong lockdown skeptic from almost the very beginning and is one of the three co-authors of the Great Barrington statement.

Here it is on the vaccine passports:

Vaccine passports are a idea that will reduce confidence in public health and do nothing to improve the health of the population. certificates are not required as a public health measure. The government was right before. The country must open up now that the elderly and vulnerable population has been vaccinated. The rest of the population is at much greater health risk from the lockdown than from the virus.

And here it is on mask mandates:

The evidence that the mask requires work to slow the spread of the disease is very weak. The only randomized evaluation of the mask’s effectiveness in preventing Covid infection found very small, statistically insignificant effects [Danish mask study]. And masks are detrimental to the social and educational development of children, especially young children. They are not necessary to fight the epidemic. In Sweden, for example, children have gone to school without masks for most of the epidemic, with no children dying from Covid and teachers contracting Covid at rates below average for other workers.

It’s a interview with one of the intellectual pillars of the skeptical movement.

Worth reading in its entirety.

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