Vaccine passports may be required to enter UK stores – Dateway

The government has been accused of deliberately causing confusion after it was revealed that vaccine MAY be required to enter stores despite initial assurances that this would not be the case.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other members of the government have claimed that COVID are only being considered for mass events such as football matches and music concerts.

However, it has now emerged that nothing in a report released on Monday would prevent them from being introduced later for premises such as clothing stores, bookstores and electronics stores.

Once the vaccination passport is standardized to enter these places, it would then be much easier to introduce it in other contexts such as pubs and restaurants.

“Downing Street did not rule out allowing the use of Covid in clothing stores when asked when the certificates would be used,” reports the Daily Mirror.

“We’ve made it clear that we won’t need them as businesses reopen in stages two and three of the roadmap,” a government spokesperson said, again declining to say whether they would be needed at- beyond the third stage after June 21.

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Jonathan Ashworth of Labor said the government “is deliberately confusing” the issue.

“I think it’s discriminatory to tell someone here in Leicester that you can’t get into Next or H&M unless you produce your vaccination status on an app, unless you produce this ID card digital, ”he said.

“I don’t think it’s fair. Now, if the ministers say it’s not the policy, they have to explain why the policy document they produced last night allows for this scenario? Ashworth asked.

The government lied to the British public for 6 months insisting that there were no plans for a national passport while secretly funding companies to create the technology for the system.

Now they have been caught trying again to mislead the British by telling them that vaccine passports would not be needed for pubs, restaurants or shops.

It is now clear that there are potential plans to have them introduced for all of these sites later in the summer.

As the video below explains, the “ vaccine passport ” is actually a bioidentity card and is the first salute of what is designed to become a Chinese Communist-style social credit score for the West.



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