Vaxx conspiracy theorists driven mad by vaccine rollout in Britain

EDINBURGH – 90-year-old granny Margaret Keenan this week became the world’s most unlikely megastar when she became the first person to receive a fully approved coronavirus vaccine in the Western world. The sweet old lady told reporters she was so happy to receive the blow because it meant she could see her family after being alone for almost a year.

For some, however, the 91-year-old, who wore a penguin-themed charity Christmas t-shirt as she received her vaccine, was the purest manifestation of their darkest fears. According to some conspiracy theorists, Keenan is a crisis actor employed by the government to trick people into taking the vaccine. Others went further, claiming that Keenan was in fact dead and an impostor was sitting in his place. It was not explained what the exact purpose of this ruse would be.

Of course, there is no evidence to support any of the conspiracy theories surrounding Keenan, who is just a seemingly kind and definitely alive woman who was the right age and lived in the right place to get the shot first. . But, as Britain was the first Western country to grant emergency use authorization for a coronavirus vaccine, it is also the first to deal with rampant anti-vaxx misinformation during a deployment. unprecedented COVID-19 .

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