Video Rudy Giuliani discusses BIDEN CRIME FAMILY

Rudy Giuliani discusses the emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s hard drive which reveal Joe Biden lied about Burisma. This is only the tip of the iceberg, much more to come!

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So, in summary….our entire Goverment Body….is a Criminal Organization…far more vast and corrupt…than the Mafia of old….whom appear as Choir Boys….in comparison.

Biden is a huge security risk to America!

Bill Barr’s statements over the past two years, regarding evidence of the pervasive DOJ/FBI coup, require that Bill Barr be fired . All of Barr’s pontification was a ruse designed to pacify Trump into believing he would prosecute the criminals, Barr replaced Mueller as the current leader of the coup against America’s president. The entire 4 yr MSM/DOJ/FBI/DNC/RINO coup was meant to end America First by removing Trump, on fake charges. By refusing to reveal to America, much less honestly prosecute, the evidence of the criminal DOJ/FBI coup, Bill Barr is fully complicit. Fire Barr today. Hire Giuliani or Digenova today. We had Sessions for 2 years Worthless and incompetent. now we got Bill Barr whos Worthless…It appears Barr believes the Dems are above the law. If you were a Republican, say Ted Cruz, and you committed the same abuses of power, you would already be behind bars. Barr talks a good game, but no A.G. who was truly interested in justice would allow an election to go forward without revealing the truth about one of the main co-conspirators. Amazing — but nor surprising — that Roger Stone gets swarmed by an FBI SWAT team for a process crime, yet Andrew McCabe skates … even after an IG recommends charges. Meet the new boss — same as the old boss. It’s the Trump’s DOJ, he appointed the AG, and only his people are going to jail! How the F is that possible? Ever since Trump became the president, only his people were prosecuted. What’s going on is the same thing that’s been going on in Washington for decades. The deep state is still infesting our government and still has control over agencies and individuals that could expose them. Our own laws protect them from being effectively exposed or removed by federal agencies and American citizens don’t realize that the ultimate responsibility falls on “we the people”.

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