Viewers demand mandatory vaccination in order to watch live music – Dateway

Although Ticketmaster denied having made a final decision on whether to mandate vaccine certification to allow people to purchase tickets, many expressed their agreement with the idea, with a comment: “Inject me now. “.

A report from Billboard magazine claimed the ticketing company would require customers to prove they had tested negative for COVID or taken the vaccine before their purchase was approved.

The news came shortly after the news that pharmaceutical company Pfizer had developed a vaccine against the coronavirus with a 90% success rate.

However, while Ticketmaster admitted it was exploring the idea, the company released a statement saying there will be “absolutely no requirements” for mandatory vaccines.

“Ticketmaster does not have the authority to set policies regarding security / entry requirements, which would include vaccines and / or testing protocols,” the company said, adding that such a decision would be in the hands of of the event organizer.

Despite this, according to a BBC News report, “the majority of fans welcomed the move, if it meant the resumption of live music.”

β€œInject me now,” one respondent wrote on Twitter.

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β€œHonestly, I would do anything to go to a concert now,” added another.

β€œThey are going to do the same for air transport. I would feel comfortable testing before a concert to be safe! another said.

Others criticized the move, with ’90s pop group Right Said Fred warning, “There you go, vaccines will be mandatory in all but name.”

In fact, if you read the original Billboard magazine Twitter feed, the clear majority of responses were against the idea, completely contradicting the BBC’s claim that “the majority of fans welcomed the movement.”



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