Vitruvi Move wireless diffuser review

What relaxes you these days? Oddly enough, a good smell can put my mind – who functions regularly like a college kid who ate a Red Bull and hasn’t slept for 36 hours – a little bit at ease. Garlic and onions simmered in butter will do this. Or light my favorite holiday candle. But these odors surround only their immediate area. As someone who moves from room to room throughout the day, settling in at my desk, on my couch or in bed, I wanted something that moved with me. Virtuvi, the maker of the cult ultrasonic oil diffuser called Stone, sent me the perfect thing. It’s called the Move Diffuser and that’s exactly what it does.

Unlike a traditional oil diffuser that sits statically on a shelf plugged into an outlet, the Move has the ability to be cordless. The stand it sits on acts as a charging pad that will give your diffuser up to four hours of constant steam out of the base. Relying on the base, you can choose between constant steam for four hours or intermittent flow for eight hours. And let me tell you, even in its cordless state, this thing gives off a scent. I chose to try the brand’s Ceremony and Grove scent blends which were the perfect blend of shine, pine and soothing.

As the end of the year approaches and we look to start 2021 on a positive note, I know I’ll be using the Move to make every room I smell like a spa. It’s the least I can do.

Move Cordless Oil Diffuser

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