Vote Republican or Pay a Price, Creepy Landlord Letters Warn Colorado and New York Voters

You can add rogue owners to the roster potentially sinister characters, along with Proud Boys, Boogaloos, and members the far-right militia, who are looming over one the most tense elections in the world. history.

Two weeks before polling day, voters in New York and Colorado received letters from their landlords. The Democratic candidates were sure to raise taxes, homeowners warned in the letters, and it would be a shame if these candidates won and landlords have to, say, raise the rent.

As election security experts sound the alarm bells about partisan “watchers” who might intimidate voters, letters from owners represent a grayer area ​​voter influence. Letters received by tenants this week never explicitly threaten to raise rents if they vote Democratic – they simply imply it could happen. It’s a likely legal tactic that adds more pressure to a powder keg an electoral cycle.

“I would equate receiving this letter from my landlord to my boss sending me a letter telling me who to vote for,” John Gordon, a tenant in Plattsburgh, New York, who received a letter urging to vote for a former Republican candidate policeman for the mayor, told the Daily Beast.

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