Vox co-founder Ezra Klein leaves for the New York Times

Two top executives at Vox are leaving the digital news site, The Daily Beast has learned.

the New York Times will announce that Klein, who left The Washington Post in 2014 to launch Vox will join the newspaper in the coming weeks, confirmed the Beast. Vox Media editor Melissa Bell also announced Friday that Vox senior vice president and editor-in-chief Lauren Williams is also leaving the company to start a non-profit organization.

In a note, the Times announced the hiring and confirmed that Klein will serve as an opinion columnist and host. “Ezra, in his columns and on his , will be able to help our readers and listeners navigate the political future as Washington enters a new era,” reads the statement by the acting editor. from Page Kathleen Kingsbury and Chief Page Producer Paula Szuchman.

Klein was one of the few prolific writers who started a wave of political blogging in the early years, eventually finding a home for his blog at The American Prospect, then moving it to the Publish, where he wrote under the vertical WonkBlog.

After founding Vox, he served as the website’s editor until 2017 when he became editor-in-chief while continuing to expand his work into other forms of media, including regular appearances at MSNBC, several successful political podcasts. and producer of Vox’s Netflix series Explain.

Klein is the second Vox co-founder to in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Matt Yglesias – also an early blogger and pundit – announced that he was leaving the digital media company to launch his own newsletter on the digital publishing platform Substack.

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