Wall Street Journal news section publishes debunking Hunter Biden Screed article

A pro-Trump writer at the Wall Street newspaperFormer Vice President Joe Biden’s opinion section on Thursday night published a convoluted column claiming that recently released text messages proved former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was involved in an alleged agenda fee-for-service with her father and a Chinese energy company.

But a few hours later, journalists from the Wall Street newspaper published their own story which appeared to categorically reject the opinion piece’s findings, saying a review of the documents by the newspaper revealed “no role for Joe Biden.”

Both NewspaperThe Opinion Section and Direct News Operations published their dueling stories based on text messages shared with the newspaper by Anthony Bobulinsky, a businessman involved in a scuttled business with Hunter Biden in 2017 involving a Chinese oil company .

At a press conference Thursday ahead of the second and final presidential debate, Bobulinsky claimed to have received text messages on multiple phones showing Joe Biden in a discussion with his son about a business venture with a Chinese energy company.

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