Washington State Democrats propose legislation to ensure they win all future elections and prevent any public disclosure of fraud built into the process

The Washington State House is proposing legislation to make elections less transparent so they can steal them in perpetuity. They want to pass a bill that excludes election security information from public records.

Democrats in Washington state are afraid of being caught stealing future elections like they did in the last. So they want information from an audit of security reviews and other similar information to be kept away from the scrutiny of their citizens.

The governor of Washington is a horrible governor with a terrible record:

Washington state left wing governor panics as Boeing moves production to South Carolina

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The governor’s actions are Orwellian:

UPDATE: Washington state governor renounces Orwellian rule to force restaurants to keep diaries of all customers, including contact information

So it’s a surprise in this year’s election that the current Democratic governor won the gubernatorial race. The Republican in the race demanded information because the result appeared to have been stolen as the presidential race clearly was:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp sues Washington Secretary of State for mismanagement of 2020 election – demands audit of ballots and voting machines

Democrats don’t want this to happen again. They never want to be under the microscope for their actions in an election. They therefore propose the HB 1068 bill.

The Democrats in charge simply need to assert that future supporters of candidates running against their corrupt politicians are terrorists and that the fraud in their election will never again be challenged or made public. And There you go.

While Republicans believe that if they are just nice to Democrats who ignore and support Antifa and BLM everything will be fine, Democrats are busy preventing future elections from being lost.

You really have to include the ignorance and bitterness of Republicans like Liz Cheney for the coming destruction of America.

Americans voted for the most popular president in history. He wins the election in record numbers. Democrats push millions of fraudulent ballots into the election using devices which, when audited, show they can create ballots and exchange ballots between candidates. The media, the (In) Justice Department, Big Tech, Democrats and Republicans ignore the theft, claim everything is fine, and certify the fraudulent results. Liz Cheney and other Republicans who are bitter and ignorant are joining Democrats in impeaching the president for claiming the election is fraudulent and now Democrats are starting their work to ensure that no future contender ever wins.

Meanwhile, those millions of Americans who have their votes stolen are disenfranchised and never vote again. Democrats win and implement America-killing fascist controls to place anyone who disagrees with their policies like election stealing, in little boxes with no jobs, no money, and no peace.

Welcome to the new America.

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