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have been shocked by a now-viral video that environmental activist Greta Thunberg unable to answer a basic question without a script.

Thunberg has been praised by the establishment for her thunderous speeches denouncing world leaders who do not take climate change seriously enough.

However, when the teenage activist was asked a question on the same topic, her response, or lack thereof, was remarkable.

“Could you please tell us what kind of message what you are doing here today – what kind of message would you send by doing this to world leaders and may I ask you, do you think it? is it time for President Trump to respond to what you told yourself today? Thunberg has been questioned.

After a long pause, Thunberg said, “Uh, I think… I’m sorry what was the first question?”

After the reporter repeated the question, Thunberg replied, “I think what we want to send … the message we want to send is to say that we have had enough and uh …”

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Thunberg then looks at the woman sitting to his left before saying, “Does anyone else want to answer that question?” I cannot speak for everyone. “

The reporter then asks Thunberg the same basic question again, to which she replies: “I think maybe you should ask the others a few questions as well.”

Thunberg’s performance was a complete 180 of the strength of his usual scripted remarks.

As the Daily Mail previously reported, Thunberg’s rise in popularity has been a carefully orchestrated public relations campaign, with many suspecting that his mother, also an environmental activist, is the real mastermind behind the operation.

“She’s a little girl, what are you expecting?” If what they’re doing with Biden is elder , it must be child , ”writes Dave Blount. “Everything the leftists present to us is a sham.”



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