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As almost everyone’s attention was diverted, a major war broke out halfway around the world.

It has been over a week since Azerbaijan launched its invasion of Nagorno-Karabakh, although mainstream media in the Western world never uses the word “invasion” to describe what is happening.

At most, they will use terms like “attack” or “offensive”, but without a doubt what is happening is an invasion.

Nagorno-Karabakh’s population is mostly Armenians, and the region has been self-governing since the separatists won an extremely violent war against Azerbaijan in 1994 in which tens of thousands of people died.

Today, Azerbaijan is trying to regain control of Nagorno-Karabakh, and neighboring Armenia has mobilized to help defend Nagorno-Karabakh.

Unfortunately, that could easily escalate into a much larger war.

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Russia has a defense pact with Armenia and a military base on its territory, Iran has threatened to get involved in the conflict, and Turkey has already sent proxy forces to the region to aid the offensive of Azerbaijan.

After days of fierce fighting, over the weekend, the President of Azerbaijan claimed that his forces had taken the crucially important city of Madagiz …

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said on Saturday evening that his forces “hoisted the flag” over the strategic town of Madagiz and captured several villages.

The Armenian Defense Ministry said separatist forces in Karabakh repelled a major Azerbaijani attack, and spokesman Shushan Stepanian pointed to intense fighting “along the front line” and said the forces Armenians had shot down three Azerbaijani planes.

And it is also reported that Azerbaijan is using cluster munitions to bomb the Nagorno-Karabakh capital, Stepanakert …

The separatist Foreign Ministry said on Monday that the bombing of Stepanakert resumed at 6.30am (02.30am GMT), with four shells hitting the city. Residents had spent the weekend crammed into underground shelters and many are leaving.

He released video footage of repeated bursts of heavy shelling and debris of severely damaged apartment blocks, claiming that Azerbaijan had used cluster munitions, which are prohibited under international humanitarian law.

In response, several towns in Azerbaijan were bombed by Armenian forces …

Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry said Armenian forces were bombing three of its towns on Monday, after hitting the country’s second largest city, Ganja, in what the Nagorno-Karabakh leader said the day before. act of retaliation and “warning” against the targeting of civilian settlements. in the separatist region. Baku said one person was killed and four injured in the attack on Ganja.

Hundreds of people have already died on both sides and the fighting seems to be getting worse by the day.

A CBS News report states that there has been “unprecedented use of heavy artillery, tanks, missiles, and even kamikaze drones” …

Videos uploaded from the battlefield show unprecedented use of heavy artillery, tanks, missiles and even suicide drones as the fighting escalates. Both countries accuse the other of refusing to agree to cease fire, and neither has yet shown willingness to return to stalled peace talks.

Azerbaijan is richer and more powerful than Armenia, and so the Armenians are ultimately going to have a hard time trying to prevent Azerbaijan from taking much of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

But what if other parties start to join the conflict?

An analyst who spoke to CBS News said Russia and Turkey could both get involved …

“All the signals were in place, everything indicated that an escalation was going to occur. And there was diplomatic silence, ”Olesya Vartanyan, senior analyst for the South Caucasus region at the International Crisis Group, told CBS News.

“We are definitely one step away from a full-scale war in the region,” she said, noting that such a conflict could confuse Russia, Turkey or both.

And in fact, we know that Turkey is already sending proxy fighters to the region to aid Azerbaijan in the invasion. In fact, dozens of these fighters have already died …

Early Sunday morning, the bodies of more than 50 Syrians killed in a conflict raging far from their own borders – in a country many had barely heard of a few months ago – were sent home for funeral preparations.

These were members of militias who had fought previously in northern Syria, then in Libya, and now in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh enclave – but still on behalf of Turkey.

As I mentioned above, the Russians have a defense pact with Armenia, and they also have a military base located in the country.

Russia and Turkey were on opposite sides in the war in Syria, and they have grown increasingly angry in recent years. It would seem unthinkable that the Russians would stand aside and allow Turkey to find its way into this new conflict, but so far the Russians have not made a major move.

When they do, however, it’s likely to be a big deal.

In addition to everything else, the Iranians warn that they could take “reciprocal measures” if the fighting continues to spread on their territory …

Iran has warned that it will take reciprocal action if the fighting between its neighbors, Armenia and Azerbaijan, spills over and threatens security across their borders with Iran.

Iranian Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli urged the two countries to contain the fighting after their long-running war on the Nagorno-Karabakh region broke out last month, a statement aired on Iranian national television said. .

This is another example of how we live in an age of “wars and rumors of wars”, and experts agree that this new war has the potential to become a much larger conflict.

Sadly, the vast majority of Americans have never even heard of Nagorno-Karabakh and most of the population would not be able to locate Armenia or Azerbaijan on a blank map of the world.

And the mainstream media in the United States is so obsessed with covering President Trump’s every move around the clock that they almost ignore this conflict entirely.

But this war is really important and we should all pay close attention to it.

Whoever wins the presidential election in November will have to deal with this crisis, and if things are not handled very, very carefully, events could get out of hand very quickly.

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