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Joe Biden’s campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon pointed out that Biden still has a path to victory even if he loses Pennsylvania and Florida, leading some to suggest that it only shows doubts emerge on the Democrat’s chances in these crucial states.

“Biden campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon: ‘We continue to have multiple paths to 270 electoral votes,’ says they can win 270 even without PA and FL,” Time’s Charlotte Alter tweeted.

This has led some commentators to speculate that early voting data in the two crucial swing states could be disappointing for Team Biden.

“Sensational! Joe Biden’s campaign manager admits they have their doubts about Pennsylvania!” Harlan Hill commented.

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The Biden campaign has previously claimed that “under no scenario” will it see Trump take victory tonight.

The former vice president also plans to address the nation and “claim control” as president-elect if he is declared the winner by news organizations, even if President Trump refuses to give in.

As we pointed out earlier, the pro-Biden Hawkfish analyst firm has previously claimed that it is likely that President Trump appears to have won in an election night landslide, but could lose after the election night. counting the ballots, which “ will take days, even weeks. “



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